(tentative schedule - 2011)

West Virginia's Fifth Chestnut Festival

The Great American Chestnut Tree : Exploring Our Roots

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Schedule of Events

12:00 Noon ­ 5:00 PM
Chestnut Festivities
Rowlesburg Park

* Roasted Chestnuts on grill
* Chestnuts available for purchase
* Chestnuts in Honey jars for sale:  The Bee Box, Aurora, WV
* Chestnut Furniture and items for sale
* Allegheny Treenware items for sale ­ Stan & Sue Jennings
* Chestnut Tree Saplings available for purchase
* Planting Chestnut tree saplings ­ Demonstration by Lynn Jennings
* Display/Presentation by Robert Strasser, Research Associate, Hood College (tentative)
* Displays, Sales, & Sign-ups: The American Chestnut Foundation-TACF 
* Throwing Chestnuts- in-the-Well Contest ­ Rob Morell - Prizes for children
* Music in the Park
* Food in Park Concessions
* Sign Ups for Autumn Glory Rides to Cannon Hill

12:00 Noon ­ 5:00 PM
More Activities
Szilagyi Creative Arts Center

*Enjoy our BelgianWaffles with Chestnut Glacé in Szilagyi Center Cafe

* Rowlesburg Middle School: Chestnut Posters in Auditorium - Supervised by James Davis and Jennifer Loughry. Judges: West Virginia Chapter TACF and Debra Morell

* World War II Museum & Art Gallery

* Historic B&O Bridges Exhibit

4:00 ­ 5:00 PM
Presentations: Chestnut Research
Szilagyi Creative Arts Center

*Presentations on the history and current research of The American Chestnut Tree (Professor Charles Sypolt, Director)

*Sponsored by West Virginia Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation (TACF), Thomas Cook, President

* "A Chestnut Documentary DVD" by Thomas Harttung Nassif

5:15 ­ 7:30 PM
Banquet & Keynote Speaker
Szilagyi Center Auditorium

Opening Song: O Chestnut Tree
Preston High Madrigal Singers


Toast: Vino Novello Ritual
"Tasting the new wine"

Buffet Dinner Menu:
Featuring various chestnut dishes.

Introduction of Distinguished Guests

Welcome Address:
Bryan Burhans, President & CEO
The American Chestnut Foundation

2nd Annual Crowning
"Mr. and Mrs. Chestnut"

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Robert Paris
"The American Chestnut Tree: Restoration of a Species & Reforestation of Strip Mined lands"
Deborah Westbrook Combo


West Virginia Chapter
The American Chestnut Foundation, Thomas Cook, President

Bryan Burhans
The American Chestnut Foundation, President & CEO
Asheville, North Carolina

Dr. Robert Paris,
Research Geneticist,
The American Chestnut Foundation, Beckley, WV

2nd Annual Crowning
Mr. & Mrs. Chestnut

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