West Virginia's Annual Chestnut Festival

The Great American Chestnut Tree : Exploring Our Roots

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Schedule of Events

10:00 AM - Noon - Continental Breakfast in River City

Cafe - Szilagyi Center

12:00 Noon ­ 5:00 PM
Chestnut Festivities
Rowlesburg Park

* Roasted Chestnuts on grill
* Chestnuts available for purchase
* Chestnuts in Honey jars for sale:  The Bee Box, Aurora, WV
* Chestnut Furniture and items for sale
* Allegheny Treenware items for sale ­ Stan & Sue Jennings
* Chestnut Tree Saplings available for purchase
* Planting Chestnut tree saplings ­ Demonstration by Lynn Jennings
* Displays, Sales, & Sign-ups: The American Chestnut Foundation-TACF 
* Throwing Chestnuts- in-the-Well Contest - Prizes for children
* Music in the Park
* Food in Park Concessions


12:00 Noon ­ 5:00 PM
More Activities
Szilagyi Creative Arts Center

*Enjoy our BelgianWaffles with Chestnut Glacé in Szilagyi Center Cafe

* Rowlesburg Middle School: Chestnut Posters in Auditorium - Supervised by James Davis and Jennifer Loughry. Judges: West Virginia Chapter TACF and Debra Morell

* World War II Museum & Art Gallery

* Historic B&O Bridges Exhibit

4:00 ­ 5:00 PM
Presentations: Chestnut Research
Szilagyi Creative Arts Center

*Presentations on the history and current research of The American Chestnut Tree (Professor Charles Sypolt, Director)

*Sponsored by West Virginia Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation (TACF), Thomas Cook, President

* "A Chestnut Documentary DVD" by Thomas Harttung Nassif

5:15 ­ 7:30 PM
Banquet & Keynote Speaker
Szilagyi Center Auditorium

Opening Song: O Chestnut Tree
Preston High Madrigal Singers


Toast: Vino Novello Ritual
"Tasting the new wine"

Buffet Dinner Menu:
Featuring various chestnut dishes.

Introduction of Distinguished Guests

Welcome Address:
Bryan Burhans, President & CEO
The American Chestnut Foundation

2nd Annual Crowning
"Mr. and Mrs. Chestnut"

Deborah Westbrook Combo



West Virginia Chapter
The American Chestnut Foundation, Thomas Cook, President

Bryan Burhans
The American Chestnut Foundation, President & CEO
Asheville, North Carolina

Dr. Robert Paris,
Research Geneticist,
The American Chestnut Foundation, Beckley, WV

2nd Annual Crowning
Mr. & Mrs. Chestnut

151 YEARS: 1858 ­ 2009

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